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Financial services and institutions

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    Lincoln supports and recruits experienced professionals in all of the following segments:

    • Merchant banking,
    • Private banking,
    • Telebanking,
    • Corporate and investment banking,
    • Specialised financial institutions,
    • Asset Management,


    And the following functions:

    • Support functions:  Inspector, Internal Audit, Compliance Officer, Regulatory Accounting for banks, Standards and Procedures Research Officer, Consolidation Manager, Management Controller, Assets & Liabilities Manager, Treasurer / Marketing, Human Resources, Credit Analyst, Project Owner
    • Business process functions:  Unit Leaders or Banking Operations Experts, IT and Organizational Project Managers
    • Front Office, Middle Office and Corporate and Investment Banking Experts:  Corporate Finance: M&A, Structured Finance Account Manager, Securitization, Senior Banker
    • Capital Markets: Sales, Trader, Broker, Originator, Analyst / Researcher, Engineer / Structurer
    • Support functions: Manager, Buy-side Analyst, Financial Engineer, Management Assistant
    • Private Equity: Account Manager / Director of Equity Investment


    We also actively set up complete teams to accompany the creation of departments and subsidiaries.



    Lincoln supports and recruits experienced professionals in all of the following segments:

    • Insurance and reinsurance companies
    • Insurance brokerages
    • Pension funds
    • Mutual insurance companie
    • Provident societie
    • Actuarial consultancy firms
    • Appraisers

    And the following functions:

    • Technical: Management and Technical, Actuarial, Prevention, Risk Management, Underwriting, Appraisal.
    • Sales & Marketing:  Sales and Business Development, Inspection, Network Management, Training, Marketing Management.
    • Cross-functional:  Audit, Compliance and Internal Control, Consolidation, Financial Management, Management Control, Accounting, Treasury, Assets & Liabilities Management, Project Management, IT Systems.


    We also actively set up complete teams in the context of the creation of departments or subsidiaries.